Helping Make Your Move A Swift Transition

Moving is difficult enough, allow us to clean your previous home or your new home.


Are you moving in or moving out? Let us clean up for you.

Moving can be an exciting time. New beginnings, new adventures. It can also be a very stressful, anxiety-filled time. Our team at The Elite Maids can lighten your workload, help relieve your stress and allow you focus on the more important aspects of your move by scheduling a move-in/move-out cleaning. Let our experienced cleaning staff clean your new home before you move into your new home or If you are moving out, you will certainly make a positive impression when you leave behind a professionally cleaned and sanitized home.

Now that you are packed and ready for your move, it is time to make your home or apartment looking even better than how it was prior to you moving in. Many leasing agreements in particular require a cleaning while others might ask for a more detailed checklist that covers every aspect of your home to be cleaned.

What’s Included For All Rooms:

Deep Cleaning
EPA Certified Enviro Care Neutral Disinfectants
COVID-19 Compliant Cleaning Protocols
Vacuum and sweep all floors
Wipe down baseboards
Scrub shower and bathtub
Scrub toilets
Clean sinks and countertops
Clean kitchen appliances
Dust everything